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We are an international restaurant and cloud kitchen consulting company focussed on India-inspired F&B.


We are a culinary studio, a design practice, a training facility and a collaborative research platform dedicated to the 'new wave of Indian F&B'. 


Based out of the Millenium City, Gurgaon India; we learn, experiment, live, breathe and work with restaurants and concepts everyday, tailoring it for varied consumer profiles across geographies. 

We are the especials, a together-spirited team of industry professionals, chefs from across the subcontinent, cocktail masters AND young designers, concept creators, branding guys and graphic creators. 

With proven experience behind each of our team members, we are a growing team of hustlers with a common goal. 

At Espangle, we have a 360 degree approach to bring winning concepts to life. We are masters of storytelling that attracts consumer intrigue helping your ventures to stand out. 

We have a profound knowledge of regional Indian recipes, produce and spices from our network of chefs and home kitchens. We combine this expertise with our new age outlook and creative thinking to develop concepts which propel your venture into success. Our entire network of thinkers, doers and mentors from across the globe are our strength. Collaborations are our way of life. 

ESPANGLE is a word derived from Espagnole sauce (French pronunciation: ​[ɛspaɲɔl]) is a basic brown sauce, and is one of five mother sauces of classic French cooking. Espagnole has a strong taste, and is rarely used directly on food. As a mother sauce, it serves as the starting point for many derivatives.

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