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Our Vision

At Espangle, We assist foodpreneurs and restaurateurs with everything from restaurant conceptualization to budgeting to packaging, trading, and online business management. The majority of our clients are located in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where these restaurants and FMCG companies would otherwise struggle to thrive.


Redefining the F/B Industry

Espangle is a restaurant consultancy and management firm and we are on a mission to aid Restaurants, FMCG brands, and cloud kitchens in their business and ensure their long-term success and sustainability. We work with aspiring foodpreneurs and restaurateurs who want to create an impact on the growing F&B industry in India. At Espangle, We assist foodpreneurs and restaurateurs as we guide their finances and efforts in the proper direction, and we collaborate with businesses of all sizes and categories. Our focus for our clients is to turn their business into a brand. We understand the importance of a good brand image in the market and offer expertise in sales, marketing, and brand building.  


Image by Rizky Subagja

Our Journey So Far



Espangle gets incorporated into events and experience creation.



Espangle launched food delivery vertical business in collaboration with various Restaurants.

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