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Personalized Business Plans for Various Goals 

We work closely with our clients to turn their vision into a long-term sustainable and feasible reality.



Running a successful restaurant chain takes a lot of hard work and attention to minute details. Sometimes a discrepancy in operations can cost a lot to aspiring foodpreneur. This is why we keep a close eye on minute details and ensure smooth functioning of any restaurant. We provide our services to both existing as well as new restaurants.   

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Opening a new restaurant can be really exciting yet a bit daunting at the same time. There are so many areas of restaurant management requiring specific attention that it can be exhausting for a restaurateur to do everything on their own. 



Running a successful restaurant is not a cakewalk, and there are likely to be areas where clients will see room for improvement. As a result,  assistance will be required, with all aspects of operations as well as other requirements for operating a profitable restaurant. For existing restaurants, we offer menu development, marketing and many other services.



With people locked up indoors & dine-out options ruled out, food delivery became the country’s foremost choice. The cloud kitchen businesses find themselves at great advantage in the present situation.


FMCG  is a highly competitive industry. There are many challenges that brands face in order to make space for themselves in the market. At espangle, we address these challenges faced by FMCG brands. We work very closely with these brands and strategize the best possible trade and marketing plan for them.

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Espangle provides consulting services to FMCG brands. This consulting includes devising a profitable market strategy and developing the brand's image in the market. We consult our clients on various methods they can adopt to create a long lasting brand image for themselves.



We do a brand’s marketing keeping in mind the various factors that affect a successful brand image in the market. We utilise many brand marketing activities such as cross merchandising, brand integration, ATL, BTL, OOH, social media and digital advertisements.



Setting up a cost efficient distribution network is very crucial for any FMCG brand. At Espangle, we make sure that appropriate research and cost analysis is done beforehand. Furthermore,  we also assist in distribution of the products to conventional and modern trade platforms.

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