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Restaurant Social Media Marketing 101

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

There are many things that make a successful and prosperous restaurant but one factor that plays almost a complete role in your success is social media marketing. Just as a good menu and cleanness of your establishment play a detrimental role, your social media presence is also equally, if not more important.

In this era where everything has a presence on social media platforms, why do you think restaurants stay behind? Before going to any new restaurant, people first look up its footprint on social media and that is how they decide which place to pick for their special weekend dinner. Without even knowing, you could be losing potential customers just because of lack of social media presence.

The market is very competitive, and you must advertise your restaurant effectively, whether through physical or internet means. Radio commercials, newspaper advertisements, and event organising are examples of offline marketing tactics. Social media marketing for restaurants, also known as online marketing for restaurants, is establishing a restaurant's brand presence through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and websites.

There are numerous options available to you as you develop your restaurant's social marketing campaign. Restaurant’s social marketing is not as simple as it appears, and it is dependent on a number of methods that must be properly followed. We've compiled a list of social marketing tactics for restaurants that businesses shouldn't overlook:-

Social Media Management

It goes without saying that almost everyone is on one of the various social media sites available nowadays. As a result, using social media for your restaurant's social marketing aims is a no-brainer. It's critical to interact with clients on social media. You must respond to their tweets, posts, and comments at all times. Remember to keep your posts consistent; don't just post a picture one day and then disappear; this will throw off your followers and possibly cost you business.

You may run geo-targeted advertising on any social media site, and you can choose your target audience based on their age, gender, preferences, and other factors. As a result, if you own a fast-food restaurant, you can target those under the age of 30. You can even hold competitions and giveaways.

Social Media Advertising

Now, there is no need to get confused, social media marketing is different from social media advertising. The basic difference is that social media advertising requires payment. The main distinction between social media management and social media advertising is that social media management and its social marketing techniques for restaurants focus on organic growth. However, social media advertising comes in the form of paid ads.

Review Sites

Getting good reviews for your restaurant is an absolute must, because any potential customer will first go through reviews of your establishment and then decide whether to go to that place or not. Therefore, you must always have good reviews of your establishment. For any bad reviews, you should address the complaints of your customers and resolve their issues. It's essential to have a presence on sites like Zomato, MagicPin, Swiggy and others.


Instagram has become the ultimate tool for social media marketing. More and more people and businesses are using Instagram as their torchbearer in social media marketing. Since the entire content on Instagram is visual, restaurant owners can especially benefit from this. Adding plenty of visually appealing pictures of your best dishes can bring in more traffic and consequently more customers. Making sure that you are consistent and maintain a good quality of pictures and videos can go a long way for your business.

All these social media marketing ways simply can't be overlooked if you want to make your restaurant survive in this highly competitive industry.

If you feel like all this is a bit overwhelming for you and you are quite confused as to where you should start then you can contact us!

Espangle will handle and meet all your social media marketing needs. Espangle has collaborated with various restaurant clients and has gathered the requisite skills to perfect your restaurant's social media marketing plan through observation and experimentation.

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