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How to create an effective Zomato/ Swiggy listing for your restaurant?

The times are changing and it's all about ordering food online from the comfort of your home. The food industry as we know it is going through a huge transformation because of the increased popularity of online ordering. The convenience of the entire process seems to be a big hit for customers. Online ordering has seen a boom in its growth and traction.

According to the statista, Revenue is estimated to grow at a 13.23% annual rate (CAGR 2021-2025), resulting in a market volume of US$19,367 million by 2025. Likewise, By 2025, the number of users in the Online Food Delivery market is estimated to reach 492.9 million. All these statistics show that the future is online food ordering.

Why is it important to tie up with online classified websites?

For any restaurant to sustain and make a profit, it has become almost a necessity to be visible on these platforms. One way of doing that is through tie-ups with online food aggregator platforms like zomato and swiggy. Swiggy and Zomato are well-known in India for their online meal delivery services. The success of these top internet food aggregators has brought in a lot of money. In fact, billions of dollars have been invested in these businesses. If you still have some doubt about online food aggregators and their benefits, then have a look at the list of advantages of tying up with zomato and swiggy.

  • Reviews on swiggy and Zomato: Swiggy and Zomato are great tools for customers to evaluate restaurants, see what others are saying about them, and then make an educated selection. People always visit/order places after reading reviews. Having customers review your restaurant on these platforms can be a boon for you.

  • Marketing strategies: If you are struggling with formulating an effective marketing strategy for your business then you should definitely consider partnering with swiggy and zomato because they spend millions on their marketing. In other words, having you on their platform increases your visibility.

  • Hassle-free Delivery: The leading food aggregators' main selling points are on-time delivery and great order tracking. Managing delivery is a never-ending chore. Once you tie with these aggregators, it becomes their job to provide excellent delivery services. You can focus on maintaining…

  • Higher visibility

Now that we have covered all the benefits of partnering with zomato and swiggy, it's time to cover the process of creating an effective zomato/swiggy listing. For both platforms, the entire process is very similar.

Steps involved in setting up an effective Zomato/ Swiggy listing for your restaurant:

  1. The restaurant interested in collaborating with these platforms sends an inquiry or calls their customer care about joining them. All this information can easily be found on their contact us page.

  2. Soon enough, a representative from these companies will get in touch with the restaurant owner to understand their expectations, cost, and contract terms.

  3. In 2-3 days after the contract terms have been completed and signed, a few primary documents are collected and analyzed.

  4. The next step is to upload a logo, menu, and pictures of your food on these platforms.

  5. In less than a week, the restaurants usually become active on these applications.

Documentation Required:

The list below contains all of the necessary documents to complete the verification process. It's critical that you have both hard copies and soft copies on hand. Some vital certificates and identity details are required for signing up on online food ordering sites. They may, however, vary from firm to company and even from location to location, depending on local requirements. But here is a tentative list of all the documents required:

  • FSSAI certification

  • PAN card of the owner

  • Restaurant registration legal paperwork

Something to keep in mind:

Both swiggy and zomato charge commission fees on all orders made from their platform, these commission charges can range

There is no doubt that tie-ups with food aggregator platforms are beneficial for restaurants, but it won't prove to be feasible if your online aggregator's page is not optimized adequately. At espangle, it becomes our job to optimize your aggregator's page so as to increase your online orders. For more information on how we do that, click here.

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