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Importance of Creating a Great Brand Story

What's your story? Why did you start this cafe or restaurant? What motivated you? These are the things that your customers want to know from your brand storytelling. They want to know what makes you relatable and memorable.

Nowadays,The value of a good brand story is immense. A memorable brand story plays a huge role in constructing a feasible future for any brand. Everyone has a story to tell. If you are starting your own brand, you probably have your own story. This, if properly implemented, can give you great results, because people love listening to heart warming anecdotes about what inspired you to start.There are innumerable benefits that you can receive from launching a restaurant with a good brand story.

What is the definition of brand storytelling? It may sound like advertising lingo, but storytelling is simply the process of creating a narrative around your restaurant brand in order to give it a single meaning. If done well, storytelling can be a very interesting and engaging method to promote your restaurants among your patrons. Your blogs and social media postings will build interaction among your consumers.

Here are six pointers to help you improve your brand storytelling:

Prerequisite to creating a brand story

In order to successfully convey a good brand story you first need to know yourself. You should have a clear understanding about what you want to put out there as your brand story. A clear understanding of what your brand is and what it stands for gives you a great advantage when it comes to conveying a good brand story.

In order to tell authentic and compelling stories, a brand owner must take a firm stance on the challenge it wants to solve, articulate its positioning, and match its positioning and operations... and be completely transparent all throughout the process.

It's true that being self aware does require some deep introspection. So sit down with a notepad and let's get to thinking!

What makes your story different from any other gazillion restaurants' story around? Instead of using the same mainstream narrative, try to convey why your restaurant is different from others.

Be genuine and original

The best advice you can get while writing a good story is to be genuine. Don't try to force anything artificial, be as original as you can be. Originality goes a long way specially if you are giving your own narrative. In the f&b industry, it can be tough to identify your authentic voice as a brand and tell the story while remaining unique and creative. However, this is a challenge that everyone should take on.

Have a clear picture in your mind

Don't tell folks, show them. Build your narrative from the ground up, and approach it with the best of intentions. Instead of trying to sell yourself to individuals, describe who you are as a firm and people will come of their own accord. Just as it is important to have a clear vision in mind, it is also necessary to stick to your image and be consistent through and through.

Relive the old days

The indisputable fact is that people love stories, they love to know what makes you, YOU. one way to do this is to go through the history of your establishment. When was it found, When and where did the restaurant's first concept emerge? At a party, a business meeting, or a casual conversation? What has changed since the restaurant's inception?

Identify Your Targeted Audience

Knowing who your audience is important because then you can edit and omit your story according to the needs of your audience. If your target audience are young adults, then you will have to inculcate things that you might feel they find relatable. Similarly, knowing your target audience will give you better results because instead of writing in a vague manner which does not relate to any age group, now you easily target the ones in your audience.

Add a Human touch

It is always a good idea to show that your brand is not insensitive to larger humanitarian concerns, such as climate change or global warming. Make sure that in your story you also talk about how passionate you are about your audience. Try to Connect with them through your brand story for a greater impact. Restaurant owners should always define their brand persona.

These are some of the things that every restaurant owner needs to keep in mind while writing their brand story. You can obviously add a few more things that you feel are needed to your story.

Writing a memorable story does not require a formula, it is about what you feel as and when you are writing. Feel free to be as unique and true to your element as you wish. Of course hiring someone who is a professional is always a good idea. If you have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to write a good brand story and failed, then it might be time for you to get in contact with Espangle. Espangle will help you tell your story across and attract more patrons.

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