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The fastest-growing Tequila brand in the history of spirits: Teremana Tequila

Teremana Tequila achieved a great feat by selling more than 600,000 units of its nine-liter cases in 2021, which, according to the co-founder Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a record for first-year sales. To give you an idea, George Clooney’s tequila brand Casamigos was selling 170,000 cases per year in 2017 when it was acquired for $1 billion by Diageo.

Dwayne, when he got interested in tequila, traveled to Jalisco, Mexico to learn more about the production of tequila. After learning the art of producing tequila from the Lopez family, Teremana was all set up to enter the market with the production units fully functional, marketing strategies in place, and distributional channels all set up.

Image by - Michael Persico

However, a big hurdle came their way. It was March 2020 and lockdowns, home-quarantines started across the globe. This ultimately led to poor sales as a lot of background processes were inevitably affected by the measure set in place to tackle this global situation.

When situations change, the ability of a brand to adapt to a new set of circumstances is tested. The Rock, who is no stranger to challenging situations and overcoming them, abandons the marketing campaigns that were already planned and starts something that would be more suitable given the circumstances. He starts Teremana Tuesdays, a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram where he goes live, interacts with his audience, and consumes Teremana’s tequila. It was a smart initiative as the audience that was indoors for long periods had something to look forward to every week and interact with a celebrity. No wonder, it was an instant hit among the audience. Also, it now acts as the base of Teremana Tequila’s marketing campaigns.

Teremana, to fuel their ambition to take the brand global, announced a partnership with Jägermeister. This partnership will help Teremana expand globally and serve a much larger audience.

Source - Teremana Website

It will be exciting to see how The Rock and team Teremana drive the brand to a global audience and how the market accepts it. Have you tried Teremana’s range of Tequila yet? If yes, what are your thoughts?

For building big impactful brands, it is important to engage with the communities using different channels, stay relevant, and create value for them. This helps in establishing humane brands that people can trust.

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