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The Value of a Restaurant's Digital Presence

Do you remember the last time you went to dinner with your family? I'm sure you read hundreds of reviews before deciding to try a new restaurant. it's highly unlikely for people to try out a new restaurant without doing a little bit of research about that place. People want to know beforehand what type of cuisine they offer, what offers they have, and many and other such details.

Nowadays we are more connected than ever. This is especially important for restaurants, as internet orders account for the vast majority of their revenue.

This is where a restaurant's digital presence comes into the picture. Just imagine for a second that you are a customer and looking for a new restaurant to explore. What will be the first thing you do to find out more about that particular place? Google it! That is what almost everyone does. But what if you search for a restaurant online and their digital presence is inadequate, to say the least. Would you still want to go there? Probably not. Therefore, maintaining an adequate digital presence is very crucial for restaurants.

Why is Digital Presence important?

1. Stay connected with your customers:

Staying connected with your customers is a great way of building customer loyalty. You can do that through social media. Social media presence for a restaurant takes your reach to a new degree. It helps build a connection with your customers on a personal level. Use your social media platforms to express your personality – it's a terrific method to acquire your clients' trust and loyalty. Respond to patrons who engage with you swiftly and effectively, and you'll make them feel appreciated and more inclined to return to your restaurant in the future.

2. Display your brand identity

When you have a digital presence in your restaurant, you open a medium to share your story with the world. You can tell the world what prompted you to start this restaurant. Make sure you add a human touch to your story so that people can relate to it. Your brand should convey the backstory of your journey, separate you from your competitors, and articulate the type of cuisine and experience you offer.

3. Show off your food

One big advantage that restaurants have is that they can extensively use eye-catching pictures of their food to attract customers. These pictures can go on their social media and websites. As part of your digital marketing strategy, make sure to take advantage of this. By leveraging user-generated content for your restaurant, you can share their pictures of your establishment and food on your social media and create a connection with your audience.

4. Latest information

The information that your customers see on the internet about your establishment creates your credibility. Whatever new changes are made, they should immediately reflect on the webpage. If you launch any new dishes or gift boxes, update them on your webpage and social media. Share your location, opening hours, menu, and contact details. This way it becomes easier for the customer to reach you.

5. Online ordering

When you start taking online orders, you break the physical barrier and connect to a vast audience. On top of that, Online ordering cuts down on the costs incurred by restaurants. You'll not only meet your clients where they are, but you'll also stand out as an innovative company if you use an online ordering method combined with effective marketing techniques. If your restaurant is not taking online orders then you are missing out on a big revenue generator.

Offline Marketing

Online marketing is not the only way for restaurants to increase their sales. offline methods as well play a crucial role. Restaurants are not just about food, they should offer an overall good experience to the consumers. To provide them with an unforgettable experience, you can host live events at your restaurant. Invite a singer or a band to perform live at your establishment. This will increase your restaurant's engagement and give your customers a unique experience. You can even consider hosting events like Karaoke Night or Standup Comedy Night, where your patrons may participate rather than just watch.

Offline marketing can also be accomplished by collaborating with local groups and brands. You can immediately expose potential customers to your meals by catering to the events of another organization. You can provide discounts to customers who come through these collaborations. The restaurant you partner with can give out flyers of your restaurants with additional discounts codes, this will motivate them to visit you. You can even use various BTL activations for your restaurants, these could be free sampling & exhibitions. BTL activities create brand awareness while attracting more customers, resulting in more sales leads.

What is the future?

Now that we have discussed the importance of digital presence as well as alternatives to online marketing, it is only fair that we should discuss the future for restaurants. With these changing times. Everything in the F&B industry is going through a transformation. It is important for restaurants to keep innovating their services according to the changing times. There is a greater emphasis on ghost or cloud kitchens ever since the pandemic hit us. (one of the aspects)

Almost all restaurants plan on offering contactless ordering and online payment options. There has been a great shift from fine dining to ghost kitchens and delivery apps. The restaurant sector is shaping future experiences by meeting customers where they are and embracing technological advancements.

In this article, we have summed up the importance of the digital presence of restaurants and how it brings in more revenue for your brand. If you want to utilise all the above-mentioned offline and online marketing strategies to your benefit, then Espangle is here to guide your efforts in the correct direction and maximise your growth.

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