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What makes a good delivery system?

Food delivery and takeout service are the future for the food and beverage industry. A boom in demand for online ordering has put pressure on businesses to set up a good delivery system for their restaurants. Online food ordering is thriving, and it has fundamentally transformed how conventional restaurants operate. Nevertheless, having a poorly executed delivery system not only tampers with your restaurant’s image but also leads to low customer retention. In this article, we focus on ways you can improve your delivery system.

Why is a good delivery system important?

In recent years there has been a tremendous change in people’s dining preferences. If you want to increase your sales, adding delivery service to your restaurant will help you stand out - or at least keep up with - the competition. Remember that delivery will only help your business expand if you already have a strong market presence and a dedicated customer base.

A good delivery system will increase your restaurant’s efficiency and reduce the time and effort spent dealing with deliveries. On the other hand, if your delivery system is inefficient and poorly executed then it could lead to poor customer service. In order to achieve good customer service, make your delivery process smooth and quick.

The following tips for setting up the delivery in your restaurant will assist you in making the transition as smooth as possible. Continue reading to be sure you've covered all of your bases before launching your delivery system.

1. Ways you can improve your delivery system

Of course, phone ordering is still popular, but it can also be inefficient. There's a potential your staff took down wrong orders accidentally, or a consumer didn't describe his purchase accurately. Ensure that your employees are well-versed in talking effectively with customers over the phone. Train them to gently confirm the order to ensure there is no difference. Also, make sure you provide clear ordering alternatives so that clients can comprehend and submit their orders more easily.

2. Ensure overall good experience for customers:

Make sure your consumer is happy with the service you've provided. This will result in them placing more orders with you in the future. Excellent service and delivering a memorable customer experience aren't restricted to serving guests in your restaurant. It should be applied to all restaurant delivery orders as well. Some of the ways you may ensure a positive experience for your customers are listed below;

  • Give special attention to the necessary add-ons

Food items that require addons, like oregano, chili flakes, ketchup, etc, should be taken care of extra cutlery like spoon, fork, and napkins should be provided to the customer. Customers should have a pleasant and satisfying experience when ordering food and eating it. As a result, you must ensure that all of your orders include the necessary condiments, napkins, and tableware.

  • Focus On Packaging

Ensure that the food is properly packaged to avoid spillage and that it is in good shape. In an ideal world, the food would taste as excellent as if it were served in a restaurant. You can also use packaging to help your restaurant's brand stand out. Guarantee that the restaurant's brand and theme are prominently featured on the packaging.

  • Take care that the food delivered is hot

Make sure to give your delivery workers insulated food bags to keep hot foods warm and cold items fresh during the journey. Food that is brought hot offers the idea that it is freshly cooked and leaves a good impression but food that is served cold gives the sense that it is stale, which has a negative impact on customers. This might be avoided by keeping track of delivery times and ensuring that orders are delivered on time to clients.

  • Make sure the food reaches the customer on time

Many restaurant delivery orders are delayed not only due to the long preparation time, but also due to the prolonged delivery time. It may be difficult for your delivery guys to get to a specific address. People buying food are eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible, and delayed delivery may make them hesitant to order from your restaurant again. When it comes to restaurant delivery, neither the delivery time nor the efficiency of the preparations can be compromised.

3. Well trained delivery executives

Once the order is prepared and ready to be sent out, it all comes down to delivery executives. . Your delivery executives should be well trained and equipped to deal with any small inconveniences effectively and provide assistance to the customer whenever needed. Make sure your delivery drivers are familiar with their coverage area, and that your in-house kitchen staff understands who is in charge of bagging the orders so that they can keep them ready to go. This will give drivers more time to match orders appropriately and avoid errors. The delivery executives should look presentable since they are representing your restaurant.

There is an undeniable need for restaurant owners to change With the ever-changing face of the restaurant industry. The future for these restaurants is digital therefore, you must guarantee that you give excellent customer service even when your meal is delivered to your consumers. Setting up an efficient delivery system can be a mammoth task for owners that is why espangle is here to assist your delivery system requirements. Espangle will help you in setting up and optimizing your online ordering aggregator’s pages

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