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All You Need Is a Vision and We Do the Rest

At Espangle, we work with clients of various sizes and budgets. To meet your unique needs, we have extensively worked to include businesses of various stature and sizes. We work with existing restaurants, new restaurant startups, FMCG brands as well as cloud kitchen operations. From start to finish, we handle all the operations needed for a successful business

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Opening a new restaurant can be really exciting yet a bit daunting at the same time. There are so many areas of restaurant management requiring specific attention that it can be exhausting for a restaurateur to do everything on their own. We help you transform your dream business into a profitable reality



The root of any restaurant startup should be restaurant conceptualization. The overarching idea or theme that characterises a restaurant is referred to as a restaurant concept. The design of your menu, service manner, dining room decor, and, of course, the kind of cuisine are all concepts. We do close analysis and research of the needs of the market and conceptualise accordingly. Restaurant conceptualisation is indeed a mammoth task but we are here to make it easy for you. We work closely as a team with the owners and developers to collectively create a restaurant concept which you will love! 


An efficient kitchen and space design contributes directly to a positive client experience. While we are always focused on the food and services, we sometimes neglect restaurant layout, which plays an important role in the overall  customer's dining experience and efficiency of space.  entire experience. Our team of kitchen experts have real-world restaurant expertise and design your kitchen and bar for any size and style of hospitality environment. 


A feasibility study, in addition to a sound business strategy, is the next step toward the success of any new restaurant. This assessment of a new restaurant’s project validates that the restaurant idea is practical and profitable, as well as a study of the best sites clients should explore for their business.


How should a new restaurant set itself out from its rivals as yet another restaurant in this vast hospitality universe? The answer lies in the brand identity and brand placement they adopt. One way to ensure that customers keep coming back is by turning any restaurant into a brand, they will never forget a restaurant with a substantial identity associated with it . At Espangle, we create brands with long term sustainable factors.



Running a successful restaurant is not a cakewalk, and there are likely to be areas where clients will see room for improvement. As a result,  assistance will be required, with all aspects of operations as well as other requirements for operating a profitable restaurant. For existing restaurants, we offer menu development, marketing and many other services.


At Espangle, We do a sophisticated hyper-local analysis (competitive analysis) with the goal of better understanding local economic factors and consequently formulating a menu that is feasible. The goal of menu development is to increase a concept's viability by guiding customers toward some purchases and avoiding others, as well as 'creating' recipes to increase profits at the product and category level. We understand how crucial it is to have a deep grasp of your target clients in order to create a distinctive food and beverage menu


Operating a prosperous restaurant necessitates efficiency. Every element of your company, from location to services to suppliers, needs continual monitoring and evaluation. A lot of things come under operational analysis, some of them being, Keeping a budget and deciding on menu pricing, employee paychecks as well as coordinating schedules. This requires an intense amount of work and continuous monitoring and it is not something that can be overlooked by restaurant owners.


Public relations, inventory, staffing, and customer service are just a few of the challenges that come with effective restaurant management. Managing a restaurant entails a wide range of tasks, from recruiting and training employees to track sales and basic bookkeeping. At Espangle, we ensure that operations run smoothly in order to give the best possible experience to our consumers.


It is now more important than ever for hospitality firms to establish, execute, and keep a good record of food safety checklists, guaranteeing that best practices are applied throughout the spectrum of restaurants, cloud kitchens, and FMCG brands. At Espangle, we ensure that the food safety of the establishment is unmatched. We do regular food safety checkups, HACCP plans and SOPs.


First impressions matter and a restaurant’s packaging is frequently a consumer's first introduction to the brand. As a result, food packaging is an important consideration for producers. The value of food packaging is numerous, and it may go a long way toward establishing a positive first impression and fostering long-term brand loyalty. We have a team of designers to help create any business’s very own and personalized packaging. 


Restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, bakeries and bars are among the food and beverage establishments we service. We cater to businesses of all sizes and categories. We work to meet the challenges and deliver on goals that are unique to every establishment.


Usually, customers avoid restaurants with weak social media presence and similarly visit the ones with a better social media interaction. In order to turn first-time customers into regulars, social media marketing plays an undeniably crucial role. We create a good social media presence of the restaurant to give a push to the overall visibility of the restaurant. We work as the marketing management and drive digital traffic towards the restaurant.


With people locked up indoors & dine-out options ruled out, food delivery became the country’s foremost choice. Cloud kitchen businesses find themselves at a great advantage in the present situation. But in order to milk the benefits of this situation, a successful and efficient business plan is required which proves to be profitable in the long term. Our team collaborates with cloud kitchen operations for their functional needs.


Cloud kitchens are a brand new sustainable business model of the industry. A good kitchen layout helps with; optimum space utilisation, handling multiple cuisines, electrical, drainage and storage planning, proper ventilation and many more. Our team will help you decide on the most productive kitchen design for you, keeping in mind your requirements and goals. 


Espangle offers a systematic menu planning service for cloud kitchen, as well as culinary recommendations according to the target audience. The food industry relies heavily on menu planning. A well-thought-out menu provides a distinctive value offer for the target market, operational excellence, simple growth, and strong brand awareness. 


At Espangle, we understand that there is a huge potential for revenue growth when multiple brands operate from one cloud kitchen, that is why we provide sub-branding as one of our services for cloud kitchen operations.


 For cloud kitchen operations we enable the restaurants with online ordering aggregators like swiggy and zomato. The demand for online food ordering has consistently acquired speed over these past few years. Collaborating with these online food commercial centers is very crucial for cloud kitchens as the entire revenue comes from these platforms.

Food Packaging


Push Your Brand To The Top

FMCG is a wide industry. In order to succeed and stand out from the innumerable alternatives in the market, a brand needs a sound business strategy which will create a sustainable brand image in the long term. Furthermore, we provide marketing, distribution and trade services which help in creating a profitable outcome for these brands


We tackle the top vital issues for FMCG brands including how to develop brand’s image, acquire profits and increment benefits. We additionally assist with distinguishing the most appealing chances for development and construct focussed procedures to hold onto them. The team works closely with the brand and explains how the retail market works and how we can prove it to be lucrative. We lead a thorough market overview for the brand and help with pricing, packaging, planning, budgeting, staffing and that's just the beginning. We create a go-to market strategy so that the result is favourable


From fostering a go-to strategy for new item categories to speeding up the growth and sales of existing items, We do it all. We support FMCG brands in all parts of advertising and sales. At Espangle, we analyze the required market strategy for the product to work and the basis that devise an effective marketing strategy. Brand marketing activities such as cross-merchandising, brand integration, ATL, BTL, OOH, social media, digital advertisements as well as events are some of the tools that we use for the brand’s exponential growth. 


First impressions matter and packaging is frequently a consumer's first introduction to the brand. As a result, product packaging is an important consideration for producers. The value of product packaging is numerous, and it goes a long way toward establishing a positive first impression and fostering long-term brand loyalty. We have a team of designers to help create the business’s very own and personalized packaging. 


For FMCG brands, we assist in the distribution of the products to various well-known, conventional, and modern trade platforms. This will give higher visibility to the brand and consequently, help in achieving the target sales.  We do a deep analysis of the customer behavior and accordingly trade the product in a way which best suits the needs of the brand. 


Online aggregators have become increasingly popular for FMCG brands. We manage all our client’s online ordering requirements. Whatever order comes through the brand's websites or any other platform, we assist in order fulfillment and delivering the best customer experience.


The fundamental step for any FMCG brand is distribution. We make sure to do extensive planning, research and cost analysis before setting up a distribution channel. Having a good distribution network helps push the business to the front. It is overall an important factor in any business strategy.

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